COME TO THE GYM W/ ME | a v juicy booty workout


hi babes! im baaack with a booooty workout for my girls!! listen, screenshot this and do it later i promise ITS A GOOD ONE!! this is a typical glute workout that I go through so I hope you guys enjoy it xx

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workout guides:

booty bands:

protein I use:
(vegan vanilla – the chocolate flavor is incredible too)

the entire workout for ya: screenshot it!

warm up (walk/jog on treadmill for 5-10min)
follow up with a nice stretch

glute activation using a booty band: 2x
side to side walks
pulse squats
side kicks

exercise 1: 3 sets
12 banded squats

exercise 2: 3 sets
12-15 hip thrusters (challenge yourself w weight)

superset 1: 3 sets
8 front static lunges
15 banded abductors

superset 2: 3 sets
10-12 leg press machine
6-8 side lunges using a fixed bar

superset 3: 3 sets
12 rope pull throughs
8 step-ups (holding dumbbell)

superset 4: 3 sets
10 cable front squats
10 cable RDLs

booty burnout: repeat 3x
15 fire hydrants
15 kickbacks
15 incline abduction

THAT’S IT BABE! don’t forget to cool down after your workout and stretch it outtt. love yaaaa lots xx